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Where in the World is SSI?

 Where in the World is SSI? 

Last week... MICHIGAN!

Ten days ago I hopped on a plane and flew to Lansing, Michigan where 70+ students had a FANTASTIC time role-playing as Representatives, Senators, Media Journalists, and Businessmen/Businesswomen!

 And you know what??? They are so excited that SSI is up and running in Minnesota! As I watched, I noticed a few things... 

Senators - Wow! They loved the STRATEGY involved in drafting amendments to their bills and the challenge of working through meaty legislation in their caucuses! In addition to serving as Senators, they also role-played as journalists during the mock-press conference! 

Representatives - They went right to work digging into real-life issues, supporting and opposing Michigan legislation related to 10 Commandments' Displays, Medical Marijuana Insurance, Stem Cell Research, and Distracted Drivers! Half of their mock bills passed into "law" after their final vote on the House Floor on Friday. 

Journalists - With pen and paper in hand, journalists scribbled away! They interviewed dozens of Representatives, Senators, volunteers, and staff as they followed SSI developments and published them in the newspaper every day. A buzz of news, opinions, columns, and misquotes made its way into a FANTASTIC newspaper available to every SSI student each morning! 

Businessmen and Businesswomen - In six small teams, students experimented with MILLIONS of mock-dollars competing for the most successful business corporation at SSI. They gave business presentations to the other tracks, hoping students would invest in their corporation, and did an excellent job channeling their enthusiasm toward profitable enterprises! 

So What??? Your high school student can have a phenomenal SSI track experience just like these Michigan students. If you haven't registered for SSI in Minnesota yet, there's no time like the present!  

Although we are not yet offering the Business Track, we will be able to bring it to Minnesota faster if we have waves of new and returning students each year! And we think you are gonna love the BUSINESS simulation! 

REGISTER Online - www.mfc.org/registration

Information about 2015 Summer Tracks - www.mfc.org/summer-2015  

Where in the World is SSI? 

July 26-31, 2015... MINNESOTA!

Registration: $399

Location: University of Northwestern St. Paul

We would be so EXCITED to see your high school student at SSI in Minnesota this July!

 Want to support SSI-MN?

Would you consider supporting SSI-MN, a project of Minnesota Family Institute, as we train up the next generation of Christian leaders? SSI-MN is supported primarily by the generous donations of individuals, families, businesses, and churches. Thank you for considering! 


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