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Winners of MFC's 2015 FAMILY CHAMPION Award & Their Colleagues!


At MFC's annual dinner, "Shining as Light in the World, Whatever the Cost," last week, we honored the winners of the 2015 Family Champion award and their colleagues.

We know Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14-16)

But we also know that today there’s an increasing cultural trend towards forsaking families and religious freedom, even legally requiring Christians to hide their light when they’re in public.

But, the good news is, there are some Minnesota legislators who buck this cultural trend. They follow the call to be “light in the world,” whatever the cost. These men and women work tirelessly to promote and defend life, marriage, families (yours AND the families they represent in their districts!), and religious freedom. 

Each of them strives to live out a value Minnesota Family Council holds dear—viewing their public service as a ministry. They are missionaries called to the often dark and challenging mission field of state government.


Here's a list of the legislators at MFC's dinner (from L to R):

  • Rep. Abigail Whelan (Anoka, 35A, far left in photo)-This year, freshman Representative Whelan envisioned, authored, and with her colleagues passed into law the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a bill requiring medical care be given to babies born from botched abortions, an important piece of prolife legislation. 
  • Rep. Peggy Scott (Andover, 35B)-2014 Family Champion winner and now serves as Chairwoman of the House Civil Law Committee. Scott also authored a bill endorsed by MFC that would require the Legislature, for the first time ever, to fully study the practice of commercial surrogacy in MN. Scott also authored many other pieces of legislation to protection children and individual privacy.
  • Rep. Eric Lucero (Dayton, 30B)
  • Rep. Brian Johnson (Cambridge, 32A)
  • Rep. Kathy Lohmer (Stillwater, 39B)-2015 Family Champion winner
  • Rep. Josh Heintzeman (Nisswa, 10A)
  • Rep. Jim Nash (Winona, 47A)
  • Rep. Cindy Pugh (Chanhasen, 33B)
  • Senator Dan Hall (Burnsville, 56)
  • Rep. Tim Miller (Prinsburg, 17A)
  • Senator Michelle Benson (Ham Lake, 31)
  • Senator Warren Limmer (Maple Grove, 34)-2013 Family Champion Winner
  • Senator Bruce Anderson (Buffalo, 29)
  • Senator Roger Chamberlain (Lino Lakes, 38)
  • Rep. Bob Dettmer (Forest Lake, 39A)

We thank God for each of them (and those fighting for families and religious freedom who could not attend) and their witness for Christ at the Capitol! Be encouraged that they are there standing for your family and others!

MFC has made it a tradition to recognize individual legislators who have especially let their lights shine at the Minnesota Capitol, whatever the cost to themselves personally, with the “Family Champion” award. Past winners include Senator Warren Limmer (Maple Grove, 34) in 2013, and Senator Paul Gazelka (Nisswa, 9) and Representative Peggy Scott (Andover, 35B) in 2014. 

Our first 2015 Family Champion winner is a freshman legislator, God-centered man of faith, dad, and grandpa with a quick wit and refreshingly selfless attitude. He ran for the Minnesota Legislature because He believes God called Him there; therefore, he strives to honor Christ in his work at the Legislature, whether in the policies he promotes, the relationships he cultivates, or his prayerful presence.

2015 Family Champion Winner Tim Miller

In fact, he is the House author of the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act, the bill clarifying that boys and girls in public schools should use bathrooms based on biological sex and clarifying that the Minnesota State High School League’s new “transgender policy” allowing biological boys on girls’ teams is wrong and dangerous. Thanks to his courageous leadership, the portion of his bill protecting children’s privacy in school bathrooms ultimately passed in the House’s Education omnibus bill.


We are grateful to him for following God’s calling, striving to serve his district and Minnesota as a ‘light for Christ,’ his boldness and political shrewdness with humility, his friendship, and his heart to protect kids and families.

Representative Tim & Cherie Miller

Representative Tim & Cherie Miller

Representative Miller's wife, Cherie, also has a powerful testimony. We are blessed by and grateful for all God is doing through this couple!

Cherie's story is featured on SaveThe1.blogspot.comThough Conceived Through Step-Father Rape at Age 13, My Daughter Is a Blessing

We encourage you to read Cherie's incredible story. We guarantee you'll be moved. 

Every Life Matters.


Our second 2015 Family Champion winner is a more senior legislator who serves as an Assistant Majority Leader in the MN House. She has been prayerfully and gracefully working to advance godly values for many years in her quiet, yet powerful and passionate way. She has been one of the leading voices to oppose legislation harmful to children, life, marriage, and religious freedom over the past few years. 

2015 Family Champion Winner Kathy Lohmer

This year, she also envisioned the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act, recognizing the need for this legislation to protect Minnesota’s children. She spoke with every single member of her caucus about this legislation, tirelessly explaining its importance. And, she didn’t stop there. She went on to talk with other elected officials strongly opposed to family values legislation—always quietly and graciously explaining a position that seemed repulsive to them.

Perhaps one of the most important efforts she spearheaded was a weekly prayer meeting for legislators and others who prayed for each other and their families, the legislation they were working on, for Minnesota, and for other elected leaders who disagree with them. 

Representative Lohmer visiting with constituents at the Capitol

Representative Lohmer visiting with constituents at the Capitol

This legislator is a fearless yet gentle warrior for the Kingdom of Christ. We are grateful to her for following God’s calling on her life to protect families and children in her elected capacity, her witness for the Gospel, and her friendship.


The 2015 Family Champions, Tim and Kathy, haven't stopped since the MFC dinner last week!

Just this week, they published an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune explaining the need for the Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act (the bill keeping boys' and girls' bathrooms separated in schools and undoing MSHSL's "transgender athlete policy"). 



"Student Privacy Act is no barrier to Minnesota budget deal"

 Here's an excerpt:

"We believe that students have the right to have their physical privacy protected in the very personal and private areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. We believe parents expect this. After all, who would want their junior high daughter sharing a locker room shower with a biological boy?"

Read more.


AND, Rep. Miller and Rep. Lohmer are absolutely right! 

Check out this piece:  What Republicans Should Learn from the Transgender Moment

Here's a preview:  

"Republicans should view it as a case study in the political power of principle. For it was principle, not a political campaign, that has advanced transgender rights so far so fast.

If Republicans would likewise put principle before policy, they would not only have the power to win elections but also the power to bring America back into fidelity with our country’s founding vision."

Read more.

Thank you to Tim, Kathy, and their colleagues at the MN Capitol who stand for Life, Marriage, Families, and Religious Freedom!

We pray for God's blessing and protection over you, and Minnesota Family Council and its network of pro-family allies across the state commit to praying for you in your ministry of public office.


Published on by Autumn Leva.