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You are turning the lights back on!

On election day, the Body of Christ around Minnesota worked to help turn the lights back on, one vote at a time! And things are truly growing brighter!

What started 2 years ago:


Two years ago on election day, the Marriage Amendment (the ballot initiative that would have protected the definition of man-woman marriage in the Minnesota Constitution) lost on the ballot after voters were told that the Amendment was “unnecessary” because state law already defined marriage as between one man and one woman, and that the law would stay the way it was if the Amendment did not pass.

Since that night, with the Minnesota House, Senate, and Governorship controlled by a single party with liberal DFL leadership, our elected officials: 

  1. Forced same-sex "marrige" on the state, while refusing to protect the religious freedom rights of over One Million Minnesotans who define marriage as only a man-woman union based on their religious or conscientious beliefs; 
  2. Have repeatedly trampled on parental rights
  3. Failed to protect the lives of the unborn while also failing to protect Minnesota taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortions; and 
  4. Have regularly forced government intrusion into areas of authority reserved for parents, families, constitutionally protected religious beliefs, and individual school districts.

What happened on election day:


On election day, Minnesotans said ‘enough.’ For two years, their Representatives betrayed their trust and abused power. Minnesotans recognized that their representatives did not represent their values and selected new leadership,” said John Helmberger, CEO for Minnesota Family Council.

Striving to be wise stewards of our God-given resources, MFC selected 6 key districts to assist in Greater Minnesotans where Minnesotans were seeking new leaders who would better represent their values. MFC also assisted one district in which an incumbent candidate who represented well the values of her district faced a challenger hostile to family values and religious freedom.

Men and women of Christ around Minnesota shined their lights, and the  prolife, pro-religious freedom, pro-family values candidate in all seven of these districts prevailed!

“We predicted since 2013 that Minnesotans who felt betrayed by elected officials who forced a redefinition of marriage on them would speak at the polls in 2014. We were honored to help Minnesotans in all 6  key districts select better representation for themselves. Folks in these districts will now be represented by leaders who will share their family values. We were also honored to support Dan Severson in his extremely close campaign for Secretary of State,” Helmberger said.

The effects of government abuse of power on religious freedom rights:

Nowhere has government overreach and usurpation of power been more prevalent than in the area of religious freedom. Minnesota Family Council warned throughout the debate over the redefinition of marriage since as far back as 2004 that redefining marriage triggers threats to religious freedom rights.

Since the Legislature passed the same-sex "marriage" law, the Minnesota Human Rights Department has been targeting  business owners of faith for civil and even criminal punishment for declining to provide services to a same-sex "wedding." The government has basically invented a "right" to "the wedding photographer of your choice" while ignoring the real Minnesota and federal Constitution rights to religious freedom.

This is unacceptable to Minnesotans, and we pray the newly elected leaders will fight to protect the right of all Minnesotans to live out their faith.

Just this August, the owners of a private hunting club in Little Falls, MN agreed to a settlement with the Minnesota Human Rights Department, rather than spend the time and money to fight the “human rights complaint” filed against them for declining a same-sex wedding on their property.

Their case demonstrates that the current government has claimed the power to be able to force a private business to pay for a same-sex wedding and reception that the business owners disagree with for reasons of conscience or religious belief.

This is an unprecedented grasp of power in Minnesota, and the election results prove that Minnesotans never intended for their elected leaders to take that much power over their lives.

Thank you!


Thank you for taking time to be a faithful voter--a man or woman who is faithful to vote, and who votes based on your faith. 

Part of turning the lights back on in Minnesota this year and restoring biblical truth in our culture means believers loving their neighbors by selecting the most God-honoring leaders. 

Based on the election results, the Body of Christ in Minnesota clearly made an impact, and things are looking brighter!!

Thank you for shining your light at the ballot box as we work toward turning the lights back on in Minnesota!

#LightsOnMN   #LoveInAction

“By God’s grace, Christians who vote as faithful representatives of Christ are in a position to do something wonderful. Faithful Christians who vote help restrain wickedness, rebuke evil, and encourage what is good and pleasing to our Father. They shed light in darkness and testify of the love of Jesus Christ to a world that needs it.”

-Pastor Jeff Evans,
Pastor Liaison for MFC

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Published on by Autumn Leva.