Precinct Caucuses

HOW to Propose Resolutions
At Your Local Precinct Caucus on March 1st

At your local precinct caucus, you will have an opportunity to submit a resolution to help shape the political party's platform so that it conforms more closely to your values. This is your chance to bring voice and life to your values and change the way government works in Minnesota (and in our country!).

Any caucus participant may propose a resolution

You may propose as many resolutions as you like. To submit your resolution, you will need to print and fill out the appropriate form for the political party of your choice (DFL Resolutions’ Form and GOP Resolutions’ Form). To propose a resolution:

1) Simply stand to be recognized by the chair and say, "I move this precinct support the following resolution."

2) Then read your resolution.

If your resolution passes, it will be forwarded to the Resolutions Committee of the county or legislative district convention. If it is adopted there, the same process is repeated at the congressional district and state level conventions. Your resolution adopted at your local caucus may become part of your political party's platform!

Resolutions to bring to your Precinct Caucus:

Click on the resolutions below to download and print. Only record the first paragraph on the resolution form you submit at caucus. The bullet points below the first paragraph indicate talking points for your benefit at caucus, not resolution language.

1         Resolution to support a CULTURE of LIFE - DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD

2         Resolution in support of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and RIGHTS OF CONSCIENCE

3         Resolution in support of STUDENT’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY and SAFETY

4         Resolution in support of PROTECTING WOMEN and BABIES from EXPLOITATION

Designate the Appropriate Category/Plank on Resolutions' Form

Make sure to fill out the appropriate resolutions' form based on your political party (DFL Resolutions’ Form or GOP Resolutions’ Form). These resolutions are associated with the following category/plank:

DFL - Civil, Human, and Constitutional Rights Category
GOP - Restore and Defend Civil Rights Plank

Don't Forget to Attend your Precinct Caucus on MARCH 1st!