LEAD 2019

House Track

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Highschool students 13-19 years of age

  • Entering 9th grade or have just completed 12th grade

  • First-time Students

In the House Track, first-time students are sworn-in as members of the House of Representatives. Designed to challenge students to understand and apply biblical principles to current issues, the House Track gives students the chance to wrestle through current issues in a safe environment. Students learn the responsibilities of citizenship and engage in activities that build the skills of critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking.

Senate Track

Eligibility Requirements:

  • LEAD Alumni who are entering 10th grade or have just completed 12th grade

This advanced track takes the challenge a step farther by allowing students to amend their bills, both in committee and during the mock legislative session. The amendment process is challenging and involves plenty of strategy. Teamwork, critical thinking and debate skills are developed even more as students learn to work from all sides of an issue.

Media Track


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Third Year Alumni or Alumni Upper Classmen

  • Submit the Media Application after completing initial registration (online or mail-in). This application will be emailed to students who select the Media Track in their registration.

In the Media Track, students role-play as journalists and TV reporters, covering all the highlights of LEAD. Media students learn to conduct interviews with VIP’s, such as MN Representatives and MN Senators. Their work is printed in a daily newspaper and aired in 2-3 broadcasts during the week.



LEAD would not be possible without volunteers who generously donate their time and energy. If you would like to help us invest in the next generation by volunteering as a Chaperone or ADC, please download the LEAD Volunteer Application and mail it to our office:

Attn: LEAD
Minnesota Family Institute
2855 Anthony Lane S – Suite 150
Minneapolis, MN 55418