Take Action on 2 Bills:


Take Action to OPPOSE: Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling

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Urge your Representative to oppose HF 1415, legislation that would create a legal framework to legitimize the gambling in Minnesota

The bill is based on a legal fiction – that daily fantasy sports gambling isn’t really gambling. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting is gambling because it includes the three essential elements of gambling:  consideration, prize, and chance. Daily Fantasy Sports is not the same thing as season-long fantasy sports, but the gambling industry wants consumers to believe that it is. 

Gambling is a predatory business practice because it ensures a lot of gamblers will lose money.  It intentionally creates that outcome.  It’s predatory because it preys on the unsuspecting, the poor and those with gambling addictions.

Commercial sports gambling is a predatory business that results in economic and social harms to society, families, and individuals. Dangerous practices should not be legalized just so the state can earn money off of them. Gambling targets vulnerable populations including youth, individuals with gambling addictions, and low-income households. Let’s not profit off of them. 

How YOU Can Take Action:

Click here to find your MN House Representative and their phone number so that you can call, urging them to oppose HF 1415: Daily Fantasy Sports.

Take Action to SUPPORT: Recognizing Link Between Pornography & Human Trafficking

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Urge Legislators to Recognize Link Between Pornography & Human Trafficking by Supporting HF 2967 / SF 2554!

This bill publicly recognizes the link between pornography and human trafficking. It allows for the collection of information on the connection between pornography and sex trafficking and directs monetary assessments on pornography related crimes to a fund that helps victims of sex trafficking.Your voice is urgently needed, as this legislation is likely headed for a vote in the House and Senate soon!

How YOU Can Take Action:

Call you State Senator and Representative urging them to recognize the link between pornography and human trafficking by voting "YES!" when HF2967 / SF2554 comes up for a vote!

Find contact information for the legislators who represent you in the MN House and MN Senate by clicking here!