Why the Flower Lady's story is your story too!

What does the Flower Lady's story
say about YOUR religious freedom rights?

Hundreds of thousands of people have been following the Flower Lady's story on its way up to Washington State's Supreme Court.

The Court's long-awaited decision, announced yesterday, tragically resounded across the nation as justices told Barronelle Stutzman,

"You DO NOT have the right to peacefully live according to your religious beliefs."

Barronelle's story is not an isolated one. People of faith across the nation are increasingly being targeted in this way. No governing body has the authority to demand that people embrace or promote ideas that are contrary to their religious beliefs. Washington state's ruling is unjust, unconstitutional and a violation of First Amendment rights. Everyone should be free to peacefully live according to their faith.

The Flower Lady's concern is YOUR concern:

  1. We need all three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial to ensure religious freedom protections, freedom of speech rights and freedom of conscience for everyone. Contact President Trump, urging him to sign a Religious Freedom executive order that would guarantee individuals like Barronelle Stutzman the right to freely and peacefully live according to their religious beliefs. Send an email to President Trump HERE.
  2. Give financially to fuel religious freedom initiatives in Minnesota. Staff at Minnesota Family Council work year-round to advance pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious freedom policies. Our strategic work depends on the generous donations of Minnesotans like you who care about advancing policy that honors God's good designs. GIVE here today to support religious freedom:

    Click HERE to make a gift of $25, $50, $100, $500 or even more to support religious freedom in Minnesota!
  3. Find the 'I Stand with Barronelle' meme on Minnesota Family Council's Facebook and Twitter pages. PLEASE share the meme on your own social media pages, reminding Barronelle that you are standing and praying with her. Make sure to use the hashtag #JusticeforBarronelle when you share!
  4. PRAY for Barronelle and the dozens of other Christian individuals across the nation who are facing increasing pressure, threats and potential loss of everything because they are living in accordance with their faith.


Who is the Flower Lady?

For years, Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman has been arranging flowers for individuals from all different lifestyles and backgrounds. She's cherished opportunities to creatively serve everyone in her community.

Everything changed when Rob Ingersoll, a long-time gay customer asked her to coordinate flower arrangements for his same-sex wedding. While Barronelle had been happy to sell Rob flower arrangements for years, she felt it would violate her religious convictions to use her creative talents to celebrate a definition of marriage she disagrees with.

She declined the offer but recommended other florist shops that would be happy to coordinate the desired wedding arrangements.

A three-year-long legal battle ensued. The friend she'd gladly served for years chose to file a lawsuit against Barronelle on charges of discrimination, threatening to financially sap her of everything, including her business. Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom will appeal this case to the U.S. Supreme Court, hoping to repeal Washington state's gross injustice toward Barronelle.

In the video to the right, Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Kristen Waggoner, explains why the outcome of Barronelle's case is grievous in light of constitutional freedoms.

Click here to watch.


Barronelle's story is OUR story too

Barronelle's story is not an isolated example. Mounting pressure to embrace and/or promote LGBTQ lifestyles is affecting photographers, t-shirt designers, graphic designers, and even Minnesota videographers. The preservation of religious freedom is not any single person's concern. It is our concern, and we sincerely hope it is a concern of yours as well.

The One true God, his Word and actions in accordance with his Word are under attack. Should we be surprised? No. Should we pretend ignorance? No. Should we sit on our hands hoping someone else "fixes" the problem? No.

Please CONTACT President Trump, GIVE financially to further religious freedom initiatives in Minnesota, ENCOURAGE Barronelle by sharing the 'I Stand with Barronelle' meme and PRAY for individuals of faith across the nation who are living their lives in accordance with their beliefs, facing increasing pressure to forfeit their religious convictions.