Election 2016

"You will need to appoint some competent leaders who respect God and are trustworthy and honest."

(Exodus 18:21 CEV)

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There are AT LEAST
209 Good Reasons to Vote!

Read on. The stakes are too high to stay home. 

Are you among the many Minnesotans who are so conflicted about the choices at the top of the ballot that you might stay home on November 8th? If you are, today's a good day to reconsider, and we'll give you 209 good reasons why. Here they are:


8 – U.S. Representatives from Minnesota

67 – Minnesota State Senators

134 – Minnesota State Representatives

= 209 Good Reasons to Vote!


This November Minnesotans will choose men and women to fill each of these important positions, in addition to electing city councils, sheriffs, judges and school boards, and voting on a proposed state constitutional amendment. 

November 8 isn't just about the White House.

Maybe you don’t need this reminder, but many in your community do, and we need your support to get out the message that every vote still matters.

I understand the frustration that some Christians feel about the election.  They survey the names that’ll be on the ballot for President and wonder if there will be a place to mark “none of the above”.  They don’t want to have to hold their noses while checking the box next to the name of someone they just don’t trust.

Everyone feeling that way must take a bigger view.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won’t be the only names on the ballot.  You will have at least three other offices up for election, and likely several more.

And make no mistake,

these offices are important

We need to elect pro-family conservatives to represent us in Washington D.C.  In the event of a Clinton presidency, Congress must be the first line of defense against her radical anti-family and anti-religious liberty agenda. 

Our Part in Minnesota

In the Minnesota State House of Representatives we need to hold onto our pro-life majority.  We worked so hard to get it – we cannot afford to lose it this November.  So make sure you vote for the candidate that best represents your biblical values.

In our State Senate we have an opportunity to gain a pro-life, pro-family majority, if we can just replace several progressive liberals with men and women who value life from conception to natural death and abhor the illegal sale of aborted baby parts. 

Several good bills died in the Senate this past legislative session – the Senate has been a massive roadblock to pro-family legislation. 

Now is the time to change that!  And we can … but not if we stay home

Right now you may be thinking, OK, I realize I should probably vote, even if I’m in the “none-of-the-above” camp.  But who do I vote for?  I know more than enough about Trump and Clinton, but nothing about the names under State House, State Senate and U.S House of Representatives.  And I know I can’t always just go by the “R” or “DFL” after the name.  How do I know which ones are truly pro-life and pro-family?

I’m glad you asked!

We have an aggressive campaign to distribute voter guides that cover many of the contested races for the 209 offices listed above.  The voter guide informs you about where the candidates stand on issues that are important to you and me.  

Find the Fruit

Jesus once said “a tree is recognized by its fruit” (Matthew 12:33b).  An elected official’s vote is his or her fruit.  We will know where a legislator stands by how he or she has voted.  With a new candidate we rely on what they’ve said publicly on certain issues or how they fill out questionnaires we send to them. 

This kind of public record is crucial because, sadly, we can’t always rely on candidates to be truthful when they think no one is watching.

A pastor friend of mine was once visited at home by a candidate for the State Senate – an incumbent who was facing a serious challenger.  My friend, a committed Christian who was not politically minded at the time, asked the candidate if he was pro-life. 

The candidate quickly ascertained two things.  First, that my pastor friend was pro-life.  He knew this because only pro-life people use the term “pro-life”.  Second, that my pastor friend didn’t know him or his voting record.  He likely wouldn’t be asking the question if he already knew the answer.

So the candidate said “yes, I am”.  And my pastor friend believed him and voted for him a couple weeks later.

I was crestfallen when I heard the news.  My friend was crestfallen when I told him about this Senator’s voting record on pro-life issues.  If only he had seen that voting record before he answered the knock on his door that day, or reviewed it prior to going to the polling station!

An educated citizenry who are determined to show up on November 8th, even if they’re conflicted about the Presidential candidates, can make a huge difference in Minnesota for parents, children and the unborn – and for religious freedom – no matter who ends up in the White House.


So we're urging you to take the following actions:

  1. Be a Faithful Voter – a voter who casts your ballot based on your faith and biblical values.  Surely Philippians 1:27 means at least that much:  “Only behave as citizens worthy of the gospel of Christ.”
  2. Get to know the candidates running in your House, Senate and Congressional districts and commit right now to voting on November 8th, regardless of how you feel about the choices at the top of the ballot.
  3. Share this message with your pro-family friends and members of your congregation who you think have thrown in the towel.

All we can do at the top of the ballot is follow our conscience and choose the candidate whose positions are closest to ours, but many of us have better options as we move further down – a clear choice between a conscientious, faith and values-driven candidate and one who disregards the sanctity of life, champions the sexual preferences of a small minority over the safety of women and children, and sacrifices religious freedom – the foundation of all our freedoms – for political correctness.

Together, with God’s help and by His grace, we can get the word out and have something to rejoice in when we wake up on November 9th.


Pressing On,

John Helmberger

Chief Executive Officer - Minnesota Family Council and Institute


P.S.  We must make our voices heard in this historic election.  The stakes are too high to stay home. 

November 8 - Election Day!

Early voting starts on September 23.  Find out how here.

Deadline for pre-registration to vote is October 18.  Find out how to register here

Or register at your polling place on November 8, Election Day.  Find out how here.