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The legal mechanism of adoption was designed by state governments as a means to address the serious and heartbreaking problem of children not being able to be raised and loved by their own biological parents for whatever reason—while keeping the best interest of the children as the standard. 

The concept of adoption is scriptural, predating modern civil society. New Testament authors use the language of “adoption” to reveal the kind of love for us that God exhibited through Jesus Christ. We are called His adopted children—He loves us as He loves His only Son, and we are His heirs as Christ is His heir. 

(See Romans 8, Galatians 4, and 1 John 3) 

We support efforts to make it easier for children without homes to be adopted by reducing the cost and regulations that limit the placement of children in adoptive homes.  We believe placing children in loving, supportive households headed by a married man and woman is the best opportunity for children. We support efforts to streamline the adoption process so that children can move as quickly as possible out of the foster care system.

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