The Issue: Adoption

Considering an Adoption?

May God bless you and your family as you embark upon this amazing adventure of love, challenges, and joys as you bring a child who needs a Christ-centered family into your home! Here's a list of basics to be prepared for as you begin this journey.

Check out our RESOURCES page for a link to Minnesota and International rules and laws on adoption.

·      Costs between $0-$50,000 (Depending on the type of adoption)

·      A process taking up to 36 months

·      A lengthy application

·      Adoption training

·      An extensive background check and homestudy

·      Working with a social worker and/or lawyer

·      Finalizing the adoption in court


root family

Root Family

Although they struggled with infertility, the Roots had three biological children before hearing a call to adopt and being obedient to God’s will. Their story is one of giving God complete control and not overthinking His plan. You can also follow this family’s journey continuously HERE

potter family

Potter Family

This family had the opportunity to adopt a brother and sister from Colombia when no other families were stepping up to take them into their homes because the boy had a rare disease that causes premature death. God worked in their hearts and they decided to take these children into their home. When they took Simeon to his first checkup the test result for his genetic disease came back negative, God had worked a miracle.

spencer family

Spencer Family

Sarah had been feeling called to adopt, while her husband, Doug, was not feeling the same way. Doug started studying the book of Matthew, particularly the story of Joseph’s obedience and then decided to obey God although he had many doubts and questions about adoption. This family’s adoption process taught them all about God’s perfect timing.

liar family

Lair Family

After reading about the high number of special needs children in China who needed families to love them, the Lairs joined a waiting child program. Their daughter, Faith, has a type of anemia rare to the US but common in China. God worked a miracle, as Faith’s mom is an exact match to her blood type and antibody match. This family wants everyone to know that parenting a child with a chronic medical condition is a blessing.


Josh Mulder-Adoptive Dad

An adoption story told from a dad’s perspective. From the beginning, Josh resisted and tried to justify reasons not to adopt but God worked on him and in the end the family adopted two children from Ethopia.

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